All trips are carried out in regular mode



  • Entry of foreigners to Ukraine

    Foreign citizens at the border must present a certificate of passing a PCR test for coronavirus. The analysis should have a negative result, which confirms that the person is not sick. From the moment of testing until the moment of crossing the border of Ukraine, no more than 72 hours should pass. Also, for foreigners, travel insurance is mandatory, which covers, if necessary, treatment for COVID-19. Without insurance and a certificate of passing a PCR test, a foreigner will be denied entry into the border of Ukraine. Airlines have been alerted to the new rules and are checking the necessary paperwork. If the passenger does not have a certificate of testing and insurance, he will not be allowed on the plane. Foreigners permanently residing in Ukraine are exempted from obtaining medical insurance.

  • Entry of citizens of Ukraine

    After crossing the border of Ukraine, citizens of the country by default must go to 14-day self-isolation with control through the Diy Vdoma application.

  • You can end self-isolation early if:

    • do a PCR test for coronavirus abroad. From the moment of passing the analysis to the moment of crossing the border, no more than 48 hours should pass,
    • take a test in Ukraine.

    Self-isolation is terminated provided that the test showed a negative result. Citizens of Ukraine can fly to Ukraine without passing the test. The presence of the test only affects whether you need to self-isolate.

  • Exemption from self-isolation and testing

    The government of Ukraine allowed not to take tests and not to undergo self-isolation for citizens of Ukraine up to 11 years old inclusive.

  • Entry of foreigners with a residence permit in Ukraine

    Changes in legislation have created a gap regarding the requirements for foreign citizens who permanently reside in Ukraine (have a residence permit).

    In accordance with the latest changes, they are exempted from passing the test and self-isolation. In fact, this may lead to a free interpretation of government requirements by border guards.

    Foreigners with a residence permit may be required to comply with the rules for both foreigners and citizens of Ukraine.

  • Transit through the territory of Ukraine

    The government of Ukraine removed the benefit for travelers who could transit through Ukraine to third countries within 2 days. Now the same rules apply for transit as for entry into Ukraine – you must present a certificate of testing for coronavirus.

    This information is based on an analysis of the Decree of the Government of Ukraine No. 230 dated March 22, 2021. It changed another resolution No. 1236 of December 9, 2020.